"Slide an Ice Puck over 150 meters in a Single Throw"

Season 7, Week 6 Challenges were released on January 10th, 2019.

One of the challenges is to "Slide an Ice Puck over 150 meters in a Single Throw". If you just want the guide, jump here.

(However, before I begin -- a little disclosure -- I hedged my bets on this weeks challenges by searching online before they were released for a list of leaked challenges, to see if I could work a guide to post as quick as possible. A website I found listed one of the leaked challenges as, "slide an ice puck over 150 meters in a single," but it omitted the last word, "throw".

So, I presumed that the missing word was "match". Making these text based guides takes more time than I care to admit, so I stayed up all night making this guide, only to find out after I woke up -- once the challenges had been officially released -- that I was wrong. What a waste of time.)

Regardless, here is the real guide.

At first I figured all I had to do was head over to the frozen lake, at old Greasy Groove, and find a good angle on the ice, and throw the puck and gain 150 meters simple. However, I tried this several times and only got approximately 80+ meters, and this made me angry. So, it is not that simple -- you need to add extra height, by shooting the puck onto the pond from an elevated embankment.

First things first, it is best at your login screen to set one of your favourite emote slots on your emote wheel, to the hockey puck emote. There is nothing more frustrating then to try one of these challenges, only to go to find the emote, and then not be able to find it, and get shot in the face.

Then head over to the frozen lake, over old Greasy Groove, when you leave the Battle Bus.

Now head on over to the embankment on the north eastern shore.

Then just go to your emote picker, and select the puck emote and shoot away.

He shoots, scores! Lets have a replay.