"Search Chilly Gnomes"

Season 7, Week 6 Challenges were released on January 10th, 2019.

This is a guide for the challenge: "Search Chilly Gnomes", showing you almost all 14 chilly gnome locations!

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(However, before we begin I need to release some steam. I am a one man outfit here, and so doing up these challenge guides is time consuming. I am striving for quality, but I depend on other guides online in order to find some of this stuff. And for this challenge I searched online for the gnome locations.

However, the main sites that I found at the top of google search were so poorly done -- I wanted to murder someone. What is most frustrating is when they only include a zoomed out map of the Fortnite island, with each gnome location identified by some kind of marker. The problem is, at that zoomed out level, it is so difficult to find each gnome specifically.

Even worse, one of these sites decided that it would be a good idea to mark each actual gnome with a gnome icon, which was so large that it obscured an exact location, making it mad to find. Trash. Pure trash. If we do a guide on this website, it will be done with quality.)

Now, here is the guide.

This challenge is not difficult to understand what to do -- you just have to find seven hidden frozen gnomes across the map and search them with the interact button. But it is difficult to find each gnome.

Below is a map showing 13 separate chilly gnome locations, from a zoomed out perspective. Below that will be each gnome location zoomed in for accurate and non-maddening discovery.

1. Just a pinch west of Lucky Landing

We recommend that you search for the six required gnomes, starting in the southern region -- i.e. not Tilted Towers -- to avoid populated areas. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to do a challenge and getting clipped.

The first gnome detailed here, is just a little outside of Lucky Landing, located in grid F10.

We are including two separate images. The first is a zoomed in map, with grid quadrant location identified, and a red circle around the white cursor that marks the exact position of the gnome. There is also an image from gameplay, from the ground, in order to help you identify terrain and landmarks to help you find the gnome as painless as possible.

Note: Key in on any landmarks in this image, to help you find the right spot, for instance you can see a bridge off in the distance, in the gameplay picture below.

2. A little east of Happy Hamlet

This gnome is east of Happy Hamlet, far enough away not be considered on its outskirts, in grid location F10. It is by the cliffs that over look the sea, and itself resting amongst a cliffy section of terrain -- so this is not on flatland. There is also a chest spawn location right beside it. Check out the maps below for exact position, and the image from the ground, to locate landmarks to help you orientate yourself.

3. On the northern outskirt of Happy Hamlet

This gnome is located in Happy Hamlet proper, but on the northern outskirt of the town, in grid D9, right next to a building.

4. On the small island south west of Happy Hamlet

This gnome is located on the northern tip of a small unnamed island at the bottom of the map, located in grid B10 (right on the border of C10), to the south west of Happy Hamlet. This island has three treasure chest spawns, and also a small hut.

TIP: There is a secret rift under the floor of that hut -- so you can land on this island from the Battle Bus, and then pickaxe that floor away to teleport off the island.

5. In an underground ice cave, to the south of a crashed bomber.

The location of this gnome is a little hard to describe because it is not near any named area, and it is in a place that is hidden, and to many even a secret.

This gnome is to the direct north west of the last gnome profiled on that little island, and is also to the south east of Frosty Flights and south west of Polar Peak. In fact, take those three points and triangulate, and you pretty much have the spot, which is in grid B9. But the most notable nearby landmark is a crashed airplane bomber on top of a peaked mountain. It is to the direct south of that, in an underground ice cave, which is hidden amongst a small enclave of trees.

Since this is the most secretive location of a gnome, there will be an extra ground image of the ice cave opening -- so you know what to look for.

6. On a pointy ice rock midway between Frosty Flights and Polar Peaks.

This gnome was frustrating to find because unless you know where to look, you might over look it -- or it might over look you. This is because it is embedded on top of a pointy ice rock, so the gnome is not easy to see from the ground. Also, you cant climb to the peak of the rock, but will have to build to it.

The ice rock is located almost directly between Frosty Flights and Polar Peaks, in grid position B9.

7. By a small tower located on the southern outskirt of Polar Peaks.

This gnome was frustrating to find too, for me, because the guides that I was using had me searching all around Polar Peaks. However, the gnome is not located in Polar Peaks proper, such as the near the square or the main castle and buildings.

Rather, it is to the southern outskirt on a lower ledge by a short tower, which has a tent and a camp fire next to it, in grid C8.

8. On a hill, under the largest tree in the game, to the south of Shifty Shafts.

You have no doubt seen this landmark many times while gliding from the Battle Bus. It is a huge tree, unlike any else, on a small round hill. At the moment, there is a zip-line to it, and a couple chest spawns underneath it.

It is located in grid D8, directly south of Shifty Shafts, and directly west of Polar Peaks.

9. In an unremarkable spot to the direct north of Frosty Flights.

This gnome location is difficult to describe, because there is little notable or distinctive about it. It is directly north of Frosty Flights, approximately a grid space length away, in grid B7.

It is somewhat hidden, by some trees, and close to an outpost, which is in view in the near distance. The location is basically in nowheresville, in a barren place, with icy and snowy, and cliffy terrain.

10. Just outside of Snobby Shores to the south.

The final three gnomes are fairly straight forward and easy to find. However, they are all located in popular drop spots or well travelled routes -- so be warned, it is probably better to find your 7 needed gnomes from locations already presented here.

Regardless, this gnome is located just outside of Snobby Shores, to the immediate south of the bricked walled building compound. It is on a little hill, next to a tree, in grid A6. You can barely miss it as you get mowed down.

11. Overlooking the Viking Ship, just outside the settlement.

This gnome is on the large far western mountain, next to Snobby Shores, which now has a viking settlement, with a viking ship.

The gnome is not in the settlement, or on the ship (and boy, I wish I knew that instead of searching everywhere -- thanks internet guides!!), but on the eastern edge embankment above the village, overlooking the viking ship, in grid B6.

12. Just outside of the metal domed soccer stadium.

The metal domed soccer stadium has been a long standing landmark. It is directly west of Titled Towers, with several other buildings, including a rundown swimming pool, and a gas station, located in grid C6.

The gnome is outside of the domed stadium southward, on a little hill looking towards it. When I went to search the gnome the first time, I was in a plane, and overshot the landing, and then was swallowed up in the storm. So, I did not get a precise screen shot of the map location. I was going to go back and redo that gnome, but must have forgotten, and now am too ticked off to do it.

Furthermore, I have presented the most detailed guide on these chilli gnomes on the internet -- I promise you that -- so I will give you a challenge to find this gnome by yourself, with only the information I have presented thus far, with the help of an imprecise map below, and a flyby aerial shot, that I managed to take.

Oh -- and one more thing -- I will give you an animated gif of the flyby. Make sure you take special attention to it, and tell me if you can see the gnome and any point.

13. On the hill overlooking Tilted Towers, clocktower side.

This gnome is on "snipers hill" -- as I call it -- being the high hill overlooking Tilted Towers, noted by a rundown shack with a chest spawn, and some quadcrashers, in grid D10.

You most undoubtedly know the place; and it's the most dangerous spot to look for a chilli gnome. The gnome is by an RV, and is overlooking the clock tower. Happy hunting, while someone ads's your face.

14. I think it is by the frozen lake somewhere.

I searched way too long, for the 14th gnome, from the internet guides that I could find. Because these guides sucked so bad, he is still missing. A missing person. That is why people should take these guides more seriously.