"Visit Giant Candy Canes"

Fortnites 14 Days of Christmas was extended until January 15th, 2019 -- So make sure to complete them before they are gone forever!

This guide is for the challenge, "Visit Giant Candy Canes". This task is pretty easy -- all you have to do is visit two giant candy canes on the map. There are four giant candy canes in total. Since they are so large, they are pretty easy to spot, if you know the general location of each. Also, each rests on a hill.

Below is a overview map of all 4 locations of the giant candy canes. However, precise map locations are shown beneath that -- which most guides do not provide. Make sure to scroll to those!

Overview Map with All 4 Candy Cane Locations.

1. Giant Candy Cane located on Map Grid F9

The map below shows the exact location of the first giant candy cane.

The following is an image of the giant candy cane from the air. Not any landmarks that can help you locate the spot, such as the bridge on the left side.

And you dont need to dance, but it makes it more jolly

2. Giant Candy Cane located on Map Grid I2.

3. Giant Candy Cane located on Map Grid D7.

4. Giant Candy Cane located on Map Grid B7.

There you have it losers. I mean, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!